Why can I only submit my code for the Robot Playground project?

It is the only project that is currently available for submissions. The Tower of Hanoi project can only be used for demo submissions. But we are planning to make further projects available. One planned project is a path planning challenge where you need to navigate an object through a maze.

Can I share video recordings and other data of my jobs on social media?

Yes, please do! You can download job data directly from the website and upload it to your favorite social media site like Twitter, Youtube or Facebook.

The lab status on the homepage says that there is no robot online. Can I still submit?

Yes, it should always be possible to submit new jobs. The only exception is an overall submission limit that can be reached if the queue becomes too long. But then new submissions will only be temporary rejected.

Your jobs will be queued up and executed as soon as a robot is online. Regular submissions are also preprocessed in simulation, see the job processing chapter.

We aim to have several robots online between 10 AM and 5 PM CET during the workweek, with offline times not longer than an hour in between.

Where can I get help or discuss the lab with staff or other users?

The best place to ask for help is the forum. You can post questions about the lab or specific projects there, e.g. if you have issues with the submission process or need some assistance to get started with writing your own code for a project.

We would also love to hear your feedback there. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the lab experience and make it useful for as many people in the robotics community as possible, especially for students and researchers.